Valeria Serpa

Portuguese Teacher


My professional journey started in early 2008 on my first day of class as a freshman in the Federal University of Bahia. I have always been interested in languages but never really thought of teaching. Once I finally had my first teaching job, I realised it was the right path for me.
Over the past almost 11 years of teaching, I consider myself lucky to have met people from different countries, cultures and with interesting life stories. I have taught and learned from people wherever I worked at. In Brazil, I taught students from the USA on an exchange program – that experience alone made me value my native language in ways I didn’t know possible. Now I can say I am proud to be a Brazilian Portuguese speaker!
After that experience, I kept on teaching both Portuguese and English. I’ve grown as a person throughout my experiences and learned flexibility, patience and how helping others can have such a positive effect on ourselves. Any teacher would agree that seeing a student succeed is one of the most rewarding things in the world!
When I’m not teaching, I’m either reading or listening to music. I am a big fan of Opera and some good old rock and roll – the 80’s were the best, you can’t convince me otherwise! I am always available to have a two hour long convo about the Universe, anything related to Ancient History and, of course, cats!


Bachelor of Literature and Languages (Portuguese and English) at UFBA.; CELTA – Certificate of English teaching to Adults; Ten years experience as an educator In the classroom and currently working in a public school in regional Victoria, as an Education Support for children on the Autistic Spectrum.
Written Portuguese
Lesson Plans
Teaching Flexibility
Tailored Learning

“Learning a language goes beyond grammar exercises, it’s about understanding and respecting different people!”