Juliana Emerick

Portuguese Teacher


Hi, I’m Juliana Emerick, from Brazil. I love dancing, my favourite movie is Dirty Dancing, I enjoy eating out and trying new flavours, and my strength is good humour. I’m passionate about Brazil, Carnival, and specifically Rio de Janeiro, where I used to live for years! Nowadays, I’m based in Melbourne leaving in another culture and fascinated by learning a new language. I do enjoy meeting new people and like to hear and tell stories, and also believe each one has some good stories to tell. That’s why I’m so proud to be a Portuguese teacher, I believe teaching a new language is not just about teaching technical knowledge, but also experiences. Our mission is to develop Portuguese classes more and more interesting and useful for students.


Back in Brazil, I’m a speaker and communicator. I graduated in Nutrition and also did a Master’s degree in Marketing. Nowadays, in Australia, I’m studying General English at Albright Institute and teaching Portuguese to people from different nationalities.

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