Joana Bindi

Portuguese Teacher


My debut as a teacher was in an adult literacy program in São Paulo. Later, I worked as an educator in an NGO focused on promoting reading and management of community libraries in the Brazilian Amazon and that experience had a big impact in expanding my perception of my home country. I also worked at the Brazilian Ministry of Culture in the promoting of indigenous culture. After becoming a mother I dived into early childhood education, being part of several education initiatives in Brasilia, including co-founding an associative school and managing five school holiday programs, prior to moving to Canberra.

I have been living with my family in Canberra for a couple of years now and joyfully realized how passionate I am about Brazilian Cultural Heritage, so I started teaching Portuguese classes for kids and adults as a way to contribute to the promotion of our beautiful language.


I hold a Bachelor’s degree in History by University of São Paulo and postgraduate studies in sustainability with indigenous people and territory by University of Brasilia.

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