Luciana Veloso

Portuguese Teacher


I’ve been teaching English for over 5 years, but as I hold a bachelor of Arts with a major in both Portuguese and English, I have always wanted to teach my mother tongue to foreigners. Due to working in Brazil and now here in Melbourne, I have experience teaching languages to all kinds of people of different ages and backgrounds. I’m really passionate about my career and all my life I’ve trained to be where I am now. Teaching Portuguese is a way of sharing how rich the Brazilian culture is through our beautiful language and diversified customs.


I hold a Bachelor of Arts with a major in English and Portuguese as well as a CELTA qualification. I’ve been a language teacher for over 5 years and have also worked as a translator and proofreader.
Written Portuguese
Lesson Plans
Teaching Flexibility
Tailored Learning

“Learning a language goes beyond grammar exercises, it’s about understanding and respecting different people!”