Single Classes

One On One Classes

With one on one classes your level will be assessed and then a teaching course put together based on your level and goals.  The objective is to make sure the class fits your objectives and the format is enjoyable and as much fun as possible.

Age Group: From 16 Years

Lesson Options:  Long Term Course or Crash Course

Available: All Year

Lesson Lenght:  60 to 90 minutes

Level: Beginner to Advanced




The classes follow a well-established learning program.  Initially, we identify if your motivation for learning is for travel or long-term fluency.  For travel learning, the course is based on your travel itinerary and plans.  In contrast, long-term teaching is based on your level of experience and desired pace.

For Portuguese above intermediate standard, a variety of different challenging material is used along with various multimedia, contrasted with conversational classes. We have an open format where students can guide the direction of this learning and topics to be discussed.


Learn how to get through your trip to Brazil with confidence and get some basic conversational skills under your belt.


Learn how to speak with your partner or their family so you can communicate freely with them in Portuguese.


Keep yourself young and learn a language.  Give yourself a fun challenge.


Get the basics under your belt so you can work in countries such as Brazil, Portugal, East Timor or Angola.


Learning a language can help boost your memory. So stay young with my classes!


Portuguese is the most beautiful language in the world.  Fall in love with its sounds and intonations.


How much do the classes cost?

Classes cost $46.75 for a 1-hour class when purchased in advance for a pack of 8 classes.

Casual classes cost $65 per 1 hour class, if paid week by week and not in advance.

Students have the option to extend the length of the lesson, and pay the pro-rated amount.

What time do you do classes?

We have a flexible approach to classes times, and happy for you to suggest the most suitable time.

How can I pay?

Payment can be made by bank transfer.

Where are your classes held?

Classes can be held online or in person.

What happens if I need to cancel my class?

You can cancel your class up to 24 hours before.  Within 24 hours you will charged the cost of the class for cancellation, unless for a medical emergency.

When do I pay for my classes?

Classes need to be paid in advance.