Vitoria Agnoletto

Portuguese Teacher


Hello, people! My name is Vitoria Agnoletto, I’m from the extreme south of Brazil and I have been teaching since 2014. Since my first moment in a classroom, I fell in love with education and the opportunity to present new knowledge, and learn new things from my students. I have taught in primary school, kindergarten, private tutoring, seniors classes… and all my different experiences made me into a firm believer that classes should always be light and fun. For years, my main focus was teaching English as a Second Language, however when I moved to Ireland in 2021, things changed a little and I had to find new ways to keep teaching. Now that I moved to Melbourne, being able to teach Portuguese and share my deep appreciation of my country, while learning about other cultures and ways to understand the world motivates me to keep improving as a professional daily. I am excited to play games, listen to music and share a laugh with all of you in class. Outside the classroom, I enjoy reading fantasy novels, watching horror movies, and dogs. A warning: If you want to avoid seeing pictures of the most cute dog ever, never ask about my sausage dog, Boris.
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